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  1. Sep 16

    Bar // Alluck

    Puck finally got there and headed inside, spotting her at the bar. “Hello beautiful,” he said with a cocky grin, blatantly checking her out. “What are you drinking?”

    “Hey,” she smiled. “Jack and Coke,” she held up the glass to him before taking another sip.

    He ordered a beer and sat down beside her. “This place is pretty great, from what I can see,” Puck said.

    “Yeah, I’m sure it’ll look even better halfway through the night,” she smirked. Almost done with her drink, she contemplated between getting another one or joining Puck in drinking beer. “So how’s the settling in going?”

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      "Quinn, the mother of my child, you mean?" he said, smiling weakly. "It’s not bad, she’s really busy most of the time."
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      "Quinn…wasn’t that…I can’t remember, sorry. How’s that going?"

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